Secure Connectivity

Major construction project provided with secure connectivity via Avanti

24-hour live-streaming and project monitoring on multiple sites in Europe.

Deliverables: Connectivity for CCTV cameras and wireless internet connections

The Challenge

Plans for a major road bridge set out to safeguard vital transport connections between two major cities in Europe. Once approved, the significant construction project (estimated to last five years) began immediately. Throughout the project’s lifespan, the site requires always-on internet access, alongside project monitoring and security surveillance capabilities. Security on-site is paramount: the UK Home Office estimates that the construction industry loses approximately £400m per year through site theft alone.

The Solution

Avanti’s satellite uplinks for broadband and security communications are reliable, quick-to-deploy and consistently high speed. This is crucial for a security surveillance system which transfers large amounts of data, particularly when livestreaming.

Communication via satellite requires no fixed line, which makes it perfectly suited for deployment on temporary construction site locations. Services can be deployed immediately regardless of the limitations or challenges of surrounding infrastructure.