Secure Content Distribution

Distributing movies to cinemas via Avanti’s innovative Multicast technology


Service Provider: Motion Picture Solutions (MPS)
Sectors: Enterprise
Region: UK
Vertical: Multicast

Distributing movies to cinemas via Avanti’s innovative Multicast technology

The Challenge

Leading international film services company, Motion Picture Solutions (MPS), provides global end-to-end solutions of theatrical film delivery at all stages. From electronic distribution to technical consultancy, MPS is a specialist in the field and used by high profile clients such as the Cineworld cinema chain.

With cinemas often located in areas with little or no access to reliable internet connectivity, movie files are often physically distributed by couriers whereby the risk of content not being delivered is high. MPS required a cost-effective, secure and efficient way to deliver content to multiple clients across the UK.

The Solution

MPS partnered with Avanti Communications to use Multicast over satellite to securely distribute content to 331 cinemas across the UK, providing a highly reliable and effective solution. This service was developed under an ESA ARTES project, using UK Space Agency (UKSA) and Innovation UK funding, called NXY. Powered by Avanti’s HYLAS 1 Ka-band satellite, the service enables MPS to utilise local cache for media-rich content and have cost-effective use of allocated bandwidth.

The Multicast application is performed using a “one to many” operation. This means the information or content is only required to be fed through once for all cinemas, thus reducing the amount of bandwidth utilised for transmission, compared to unicast where each client creates a connection and utilises the same amount of bandwidth for each client.

The NXY project used the Forward Error Correction (FEC) library known as Nack Oriented Multicast (NORM) which includes improvement in caching techniques, OTT update techniques, Small Aperture CPE and an innovative portal which users use to access the content. With Avanti’s reliable and open source technology, MPS is able to meet user demand and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

The Results

– As Multicast is done during off-peak hours, there is efficient utilisation of bandwidth available

– MPS is now able to confidently target cinemas customers and connected communities which have shared WANs

– Avanti and MPS signed an innovative multi-year cinema distribution contract to deliver Multicast distribution capabilities to MPS’ vast cinema chain customer base

– Subsequent Avanti education projects have been awarded on the basis of these proven Multicast technologies


“Avanti’s network is allowing us to reach our cinema partners with a truly innovative distribution method. Its leading Ka-band satellite technology has integrated seamlessly with our service. Such revolutionary technology and multicast solutions guarantee security and quality. This is a huge step forward for digital cinema.”

– Howard Kiedaisch, CEO and Chairman of the MPS Group