If your community doesn’t have access to broadband, ECO will facilitate the installation and maintenance of a Wi-Fi system that will provide subsidised broadband.

What will I receive?

The school receives a subsidised broadband service.

In return you are obliged to:

  • Host the infrastructure
  • Do no harm to the infrastructure
  • Report faulty infrastructure to the Service Provider

Community User Experience

Community users learn about ECO through word of mouth, local advertising, at school and through a Wi-Fi pop up when in range

Higher end SME or household users can purchase a Wi-Fi extender/repeater for fixed building use which extends range and power

Other users simply connect via their smartphone

Via the App, users can buy ECOs, as happens with other Wi-Fi hotspots. Users pay per GB, not per hour

The App holds ECOs that can be transferred to other users on a Peer to Peer basis. This allows users who do not have banking facilities to acquire ECOs from local merchants by exchanging cash for ECOs