The Group has invested $1.2bn in a network that incorporates satellites, Gateway Earth Stations, datacentres and a fibre ring

About Avanti

Avanti connects people wherever they are – in their homes, businesses, in government and on mobiles. Through the HYLAS satellite fleet and Service Providers in 118 countries, the network provides ubiquitous internet service to a quarter of the world’s population. Avanti delivers the level of quality and flexibility that the most demanding telecom’s customers in the world seek.

Key Information

Avanti Communications is listed in London on AIM (AVN:LSE). On 31 December 2017, Avanti had 162,135,949 shares in issue. Key investors were: M&G Investment Management (16.9%), Solus Alternative Asset Management (15.8%), MAST Capital Management (13.6%), Hargreaves Lansdown (6.2%), Caledonia Investments (3.8%), Interactive Investor (3.4%), Barclays Stockbrokers (2.9%), Redmayne Bentley (2.6%), Wirral BC (2.6%) and HSDL Stockbrokers (2.6%). Directors and employees held 5.4% of the shares in issue. Including shares held by directors, employees and institutions accounting for more than 10% of the shares in issue, 52.1% of shares were classified as not being in public hands. Avanti’s shares trade exclusively on AIM and there are no restrictions on transfer on AIM securities. Avanti is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers..

Avanti Coverage – HYLAS 1, 2, 3 & 4

Avanti Coverage – HYLAS 1, 2, 3, 4

Country of incorporation

Avanti Communications Group Plc is incorporated and registered in England and Wales

Main country of operation
The main country of operation is the UK
The Company’s registered number is 6133927

Key advisors
Nominated advisor and corporate broker:
Cenkos Securities plc
6-8 Tokenhouse Yard
London, EC2R 7AS

Joint corporate broker:
Jefferies International Limited
Vintners Place
68 Upper Thames Street
London, EC4V 3BJ

Neville Registrars Limited
Neville House
18 Laurel Lane
West Midlands, B63 3DA

Osborne Clarke
Apex Plaza
Forbury Road
Reading, RG1 1AX

Public relations:
Nick Miles
Montfort Communications
2nd Floor Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square
London, W1J 6BD