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Carrier Services

Whether you want to extend your network or build satellite into your backhaul strategy, Avanti offers the flexibility you need

The New Economics of Cellular Backhaul

Avanti has revolutionised the economics of Cellular Backhaul by overcoming the fundamental barriers of cost, capacity, backhaul use cases and length of deployment.


Using the latest Ka-band technology we are able to reduce operational costs by up to 70% and provide up to 380Mbps backhaul, even to remote base stations;  fundamentally changing the viability of many rural and remote base station deployments.

Whatever your requirements or challenges, our technology will complement your existing network, allowing you to scale your network to meet demand. We’ll work with you to ensure your network maintains your availability, security, performance and network management targets in remote/ rural areas.

satellite for carrier services

Case Studies

Our flexible backhaul is proven, and our clients include some of the world’s largest MNOs. Avanti’s new technology brings unparalleled quality and flexibility, facilitating a new generation of backhaul capacity via satellite.

  • Vodafone


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