Avanti’s Ka-band technology can reduce operational costs by up to 70% and provide up to 425Mbps backhaul, even to remote base stations.

Overcoming challenges

One of the fundamental challenges facing vendors in extending coverage to rural and remote locations is the operational and capital cost of both mobile transmission and backhaul infrastructure. Avanti can extend your reach, expand your market opportunity and help cut costs enabling you to service your customer in places you thought you couldn’t.

Benefits to Vendors

Benefits that Ka-band satellites provide over traditional terrestrial backhaul technologies include:
  • Reduced cell-site construction costs: Satellite eliminates the requirement for inter cell line-of-sight backhaul. New cell sites can be smaller in height, reducing construction cost and providing a more favourable proposal to planning control.
  • Lower operational costs: Power consumption is significantly less than that of microwave.
  • Reduced risk of failure: Terrestrial daisy-chained networks are only as strong as the weakest link. Satellite provides connectivity to each cell site independently, eliminating the risk of daisy chain failure.

Products for Vendors

Managed bandwidth, managed megabit or packaged customer accounts can be chosen to suit your risk appetite, technical capability and budget.

Case Studies

  • EE


    Avanti Communications, delivers EE, the UK’s largest Mobile Network Operator, ubiquitous 4G Satellite Cellular Backhaul across the UK.

  • Vodafone


    Mobile Network Extension

  • Connecting Communities

    Connecting Communities

    Avanti powers South Africa’s national library digital network