Defence & Security

Defence and Security

Avanti offers security and encryption at multiple stages of its network infrastructure, making it ideal for trunking in Government and Military agencies.

Defence and Security

Avanti Ka-band can support secure and cost-effective network options for users with multiple, transportable, and/or fixed nodes that require high grade encryption. Avanti’s network is ideal for highly demanding government, defence and security operations that require unlimited data transfer at superfast speeds (10Mbps and above). With the integration of Avanti’s service, Military and Governments can now benefit from the full functionality of their communications, no matter how rural or harsh the environment.

Benefits for Defence & Security

  • Enhancing critical communications capabilities
  • Assured command and control, independent of terrestrial infrastructure encryption, can be added as required
  • Bandwidth is easily increased to meet user demands
  • Multiple equipment options keep capex to a minimum
  • Quickly scalable networks, multi-bearer compatible
  • High bandwidth solutions available to suit user requirements and geographies

Products for Defence & Security Organisations

Managed bandwidth, managed megabit or packaged customer accounts can be chosen to suit your risk appetite, technical capability and budget.