ApTec in Agriculture

Driving increased productivity and costs savings through Satellite connectivity


Most farms have little or no broadband connectivity as the economics of deploying and operating cellular base stations in rural and low population density areas is challenging.

ApTec can support sustainable development projects in Agriculture through the provision of Satellite Connectivity to small, medium and large farm holdings. ApTec is involved in studies which investigate the feasibility of utilising satellite connectivity to help farmers achieve productivity gains through the efficient use of Agri-Tech methods.

Case Studies

More information can be found in the case studies below

  • Revitalising Agriculture

    Revitalising Agriculture

    Led by Avanti Communications, the SBAS-AFRICA project has deployed a satellite-based augmentation system which uses Avanti’s ARTEMIS and HYLAS 2. SBAS-AFRICA provides better crop information, management and potential yield improvements of 5%


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