Business Internet Continuity (BIC)

Backup internet via satellite keeps your customers connected when the primary connection fails


A truly diverse and automated failover to satellite internet continuity proposition with the flexibility to deliver ‘Always ON’ connectivity in a broad range of markets.

Backup Internet via Satellite (BIC)

Avanti’s solution, called ‘Business Internet Continuity’ or ‘BIC’ for short, is truly diverse and automatically switches when the primary connection fails. BIC is the ideal disaster recovery solution that will keep businesses online.

Systems Integrators, ISPs and Telcos can give their customers backup internet connectivity, via satellite, across broad range of markets in any location.

Avanti's backup internet via satellite solution

The benefits of integrating ‘Always On’ into your portfolio:

  • Increase your addressable market to include small and medium enterprises that require robust internet connectivity, regardless of location
  • Increases the depth and value of your satellite product portfolio beyond basic “bitstream” delivery
  • Differentiate your service from your competitors and reduce churn by building a more “sticky”, managed service, product offering

The benefits for your customers:

  • Maintains connectivity and does not drop out when terrestrial networks are out of action
  • Ubiquitous business class broadband, where speed and availability is not dictated by distance from the exchange or mobile towers
  • Respond quicker to drop outs with automatic email alerts, and remote monitoring
  • Pay for data usage only when required

Products supporting BIC

Case Studies

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    Staying Ahead of the Trade

    Reliable, stable and dependable satellite connectivity


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