Deployable Communications

Deployable Communications

Ka-band enables devices that combine portable and rugged terminals with high-grade modems for maximum bi-directional throughput, offering a simple set-up and lower costs.

Early-entry first responders require small, deployable, and high throughput capabilities to quickly connect to C2 networks. Follow on elements require rapidly scalable command and control communications solutions.

Deployed force elements increasingly using large-bandwidth applications are raising overall data demand beyond current economic provision.

  • Small lightweight terminals are available to meet all budgets and user requirements
  • Bandwidth costs are lower than KU/X/BGAN
  • Network flexibility with optimal use of Bandwidth Pool
  • ‘Comms in-a-box’ type solutions added to user toolset to allow maximum resilience and flexibility
  • Lightweight deployable Ka-band terminals to replace more expensive alternatives and allow high throughput application support
  • Multi-bearer command and control vehicles provide maximum interoperability
  • IP-based comms in-a-box solutions increasingly sought

Avanti’s Solution

Avanti’s network is ideal for highly demanding government, defence and security operations that require unlimited data transfer at high throughput speeds (10Mbps and above). Avanti Ka-band can support secure and cost-effective network options for users with multiple, transportable and/or fixed nodes that require high-grade encryption.

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