IP Trunking

IP Trunking

Avanti’s Ka-band technology, combined with other world-leading modem technologies, drives down the costs of IP Trunking and increases network performance and reliability.

IP Trunking

Designed to help ISPs, mobile operators and large corporate network operators in the Middle East and Africa to circumvent the constraints of unreliable sub-sea fibre networks, International IP Trunking also ensures they keep pace with market growth cost-effectively.

How a satellite connects you to the internet

Features of Avanti’s IP Trunking

Avanti IP Trunk is highly competitive versus legacy systems in C-band and Ku-band and deploys far faster than fibre. Service Providers benefit by reaching more customers with the ability to deliver an enhanced experience.
IP trunking infrastructure
  • Global Internet Transit – Access to internet transit and content globally
  • Avanti MPLS Core – EMEA wide MPLS network and PoP connectivity
  • Regional Reach – EMEA wide coverage and capacity
  • Fast Local Access – Direct link capacity, up to 700Mbps


Avanti’s range of flexible products allow Service Providers to best address multiple high value markets.


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