Small Cell

Low-cost network extension, delivering traditional and value-adding services to customers

Extend customer mobile usage

Avanti and small cell technology deliver voice and mobile data services using any 2G, 3G, or 4G mobile device from even the most remote location.

Small Cell Network Architecture

The lack of cellular backhaul for remote mobile customers can be easily overcome by using small cells linked back to internet points of presence via satellite broadband.

Small cells and satellite address the need for rural mobile coverage indoors and outside.

The benefits of Ka-band for Small Cell applications

  • Supports multiple RAN technologies and vendors
  • Rapid service roll requirements, enabling mobile operators to roll out services quickly
  • Provision of backhaul in emergency service restoration scenarios
  • Satellite as an overspill or offload service allows operators to dynamically utilise satellite for data backhaul at each site where and when required
  • This technology has proven to be ideal for operators addressing corporate clients on remote sites (such as hotels and wind farms), rural communities and isolated homes or businesses.

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