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Avanti Applied Technologies – specialist innovation and systems integration

About ApTec

ApTec is a specialist systems integration and solutions sales group which helps Government to achieve desired outcomes to policy or business challenges.
ApTec offers a unique resource to organisations in the Commercial and Public sectors, who need to understand more about how to create, operate and benefit from satellites and their associated applications.

The key domains ApTec engages in include:

  • Sustainable development projects fostering private sector development and sustainable economic growth enabled through the provision of satellite telecommunications.
  • Strategic advice, technology innovation, and Research & Development in the application of satellite telecommunications into downstream market

Focus Case Studies on Sustainable Development

  • iKnowledge - Project Overview

    iKnowledge – Project Overview

    The iKnowledge Project brings high speed satellite broadband and digital skills training to teachers in Tanzanian schools

  • iKnowledge Marginalised Girls

    iKnowledge Marginalised Girls

    iKnowledge Project: Science for marginalised girls across Tanzania

  • iKnowledge Zeze School

    iKnowledge Zeze School

    iKnowledge Project brings high speed satellite broadband and digital skills training for teachers and e-Learning to Tanzanian schools like Zeze Secondary School

  • Project iMlango

    Project iMlango

    Avanti delivers connected education to marginalised children in Kenya


Focus Case Studies for Innovation, Systems Integration

  • Revitalising Agriculture

    Revitalising Agriculture

    Led by Avanti Communications, the SBAS-AFRICA project has deployed a satellite-based augmentation system which uses Avanti’s ARTEMIS and HYLAS 2. SBAS-AFRICA provides better crop information, management and potential yield improvements of 5%



    Improving aviation safety

  • Broadband access for terabit satellite

    Broadband access for terabit satellite

    Bridging Europe’s digital divide