Innovation, Solutions and Consultancy

Innovation, Systems Integration

Through either strategic advice,  R&D studies or the development of applied technology, ApTec offers a unique resource to organisations in the Commercial and Public sector who need to understand more about how to create, operate and benefit from satellites and their associated applications.


The Avanti ApTec team is known and acknowledged in the industry as having a proven engineering and research pedigree. We work with leading edge technology companies and universities to develop new technology applications to meet the world’s most pressing connectivity issues in a range of applications domains.

ApTec Case Studies

  • Broadband access for terabit satellite

    Broadband access for terabit satellite

    Bridging Europe’s digital divide



ApTec follow sound engineering practices and methodologies covering requirements development, state of the art reviews, design, implementation and testing.
  • We work with our clients to identify strategically sound technology solutions and have in-house capabilities to design, code and implement new concepts and applications and run field trials with end-users.
  • Programme Management – The management of large-sale deployment projects including financial and subcontract management
  • Innovative system Engineering – Technical system engineering including account requirements capture, system design, implementation, procurement, Integration & test, deployment and maintenance.
  • Software Engineering – The development of Software to support development of large-scale systems and also to directly benefit end-users through simple-to-use Apps.
  • ICT System Integration – The integration and deployment of complex IT systems including ground infrastructure.
  • Strategic Consultancy – The provision of strategic advice to clients – particular early in conceptual and strategic phases.
  • R&D Studies – Research and Development studies working with leading technology companies and universities to undertake studies of innovative solutions to meet pressing connectivity issues in a range of applications domains.
  • Satellite Communications Technology – Technical system engineering related to Satellite Telecoms Infrastructure – especially in Ka Band related technologies
  • Satellite Navigation – The provision of Satellite Based Augmentation Navigation services through collaboration with partners.