We have connected seven sites across six refugee camps in Uganda

At the UN Global Refugee Forum in Geneva in 2019, Avanti pledged to collaborate and donate satellite connectivity and laptops to seven sites in refugee settlements across Uganda.

We are proud to announce that the project is now complete and all seven sites are now connected. Through the delivery and installation of free solar connectivity equipment, bandwidth, laptops, tablets, this project brings high speed satellite internet and ongoing maintenance and support to seven sites hosting refugees in Uganda, including Bidibidi, Imvepi and Palabek camps.

The power of connectivity

This contribution from Avanti is having a profound impact on the residents of these sites in Uganda and the communities that host them.

When someone flees conflict and persecution, connectivity can be the lifeline that helps them reconnect with loved ones and start to rebuild their lives through education or work opportunities. Internet connection is often the only way refugees can keep in touch with their family and friends.

Twenty-six-year-old Imvepi resident John uses the newly installed connectivity for research on subjects of interest and for school research work. John also told UK for UNHCR that he plans to intensify his research when he starts his studies in 2022, so the internet is of great importance to him. Outside of school and research, John found that the Avanti connectivity centre made communicating with relatives far from home a lot easier.

Robert, a 34-year-old Palabek resident, uses the new connection to read updates on the situation in his home country of South Sudan, as well as connecting with friends and family on Zoom. Robert is looking forward to seeing the centre flourish so younger members of his community can take advantage of the connection. He hopes, “The connectivity can serve as a learning centre for the youth and some community members that are interested in having computer knowledge.”

Over the next few months we will be sharing, in collaboration with UK for UNHCR, more stories on the ground to see the impact connectivity brings to refugee settlements and local communities.

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