Expanding our fleet capacity

expanding our fleet capacity with hylas 3 launch

Expanding our fleet capacity with the launch of HYLAS 3

Launched on 6th August 2019, HYLAS 3 is Avanti’s latest High Throughput Satellite that will provide flexible and quick-to-deploy Ka-band communications across EMEA.

HYLAS 3 has been built in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), MDA, Airbus, and OHB. It shares a platform with EDRS-C, a data relay mission for low earth orbiting satellites.

Expanding our fleet capacity with over 4GHz capacity, HYLAS 3 is a unique steerable cluster of 8 high-throughput beams that can be quickly moved wherever needed across the region. For example, on Avanti’s HYLAS 4, one of the steerable beams was deployed in less than 24 hours to assist humanitarian aid relief in Mozambique following Cyclone IDAI in April 2019.

HYLAS 3 includes an independently steerable Gateway beam offering opportunities to have various gateway locations to allow flexible traffic landing within the satellite footprint.

HYLAS 3 Ka-band steerable guarantee high-capacity anywhere within the visible earth disk. The high-strength and high-efficiency Ka-band beams allow to generate the greatest capacity using the smallest terminals.

HYLAS 3 is also hub-agnostic, with the widest range of terminals accredited for use on Avanti network.

HYLAS 3 Coverage – Orbital Location: 31° E

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