Case Studies

Case Studies

Powering the UK’s emergency services with EE

EE partnered with Avanti Communications to enhamce the Emergency Service Network by providing Satellite Cellular Backhaul to over 1000 fixed and portable base stations across the UK.

Cell towers with satellite dishes - starry sky backdrop
Case Studies

Extending EE’s 4G network

EE partnered with Avanti Communications to provide Satellite Backhaul and backhaul backup to over 1,000 fixed and mobile 4G base stations across the UK.

Nairobi aerial view of city business district
Case Studies

Internet connectivity for Kenyan entrepreneurs

Avanti is partnering with the Kenyan Ministry of ICT and Telkom Kenya to provide hub facilities for young adults and entrepreneurs to develop their ICT skills and bring them up to speed in the digital world.

Woodsons ferry ship
Case Studies

Connecting ships across the North Sea

Avanti partnered with a major Scottish ferry operator to deploy a robust maritime broadband connectivity solution, providing 100% coverage and dedicated bandwidth pool shared between the five ferries and freight vessels.

Library bookcase
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Connecting South Africa’s libraries

Partnering with the National Library of South Africa to provide libraries with a small, cost-effective 74cm VSAT dish and a satellite broadband connection.

Happy Kenyan Schoolchildren
Case Studies

Connecting Kenyan school children

Avanti partnered with CommCarrier and the Communications Authority of Kenya to deliver satellite high-speed internet to secondary schools across Kenya.

Lord Milner hotel front
Case Studies

Connected guests

Providing high-speed broadband to a luxury hotel in a remote location, beyond the reach of terrestrial fibre broadband.

Silhouette of Oil fracking rigs in desert at sunset
Case Studies

Digitising the energy industry

Avanti is partnering with a leading global provider of managed networks for the upstream oil, gas and mining sectors to provide communication links to onshore and offshore sites.