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Avoid business downtime with Business Internet Continuity

Region:           East Africa
Vertical:         Finance
Application: BIC

The Challenge

Large areas of Kenya remain beyond the reach of reliable terrestrial broadband infrastructure. Businesses fortunate enough to have access to fibre still face connectivity challenges, as it is vulnerable to service outages and theft. This can leave businesses without a fail-safe broadband service.

African Alliance, who provide investment banking services across the continent, had experienced a range of issues, from packet losses to major outages that left staff without connectivity for days.

In today’s real-time digital economy, any downtime has a huge negative impact on business, such as trade loss and no communication between offices and clients. Therefore it’s crucial for any business in the financial services sector to have its systems and applications supported by reliable and resilient connectivity.

The Solution

Satellite broadband was deployed at the investment bank’s multiple sites, located across Nairobi and in a number of rural locations. Each office receives up to 15Mbps of resilient connectivity, ensuring the business is always online with no downtime.

Avanti Communications partnered with business internet service provider, Imarasat, to deliver high speed broadband via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite to financial services across Kenya.

The Results

The business is now able to communicate easily through various online media outlets such as Bloomberg, Reuters and social media channels.

“When you miss a trade – even by a couple of seconds – that trade is gone forever. Thankfully, we no longer have to worry about this ever being an issue. We’ve seen incredibly impressive results with Avanti. We’ve been able to trade in larger volumes, we have happier staff and happier clients. For me, the cyclical benefits of resilient broadband for any modern business are clear. Using Avanti’s Ka-band satellite technology, we have complete peace of mind.”
Dominic Mutinyu, Business Analyst with responsibility for Systems and Applications at African Alliance

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