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Bridging the Digital Divide

High-speed connectivity for rural homes, SMEs and large corporations.

Region:            UK and Europe
Vertical:         Consumer; SMEs
Application:  Broadband

In Italy, 35% of the population are still without access to reliable broadband connectivity. Many of those without internet are located in rural and remote areas, or in towns where deploying terrestrial infrastructure and mobile networks take time and become costly.

Intermatica provides a range of voice and data services to consumers, enterprises and government across Italy. They specialise in fixed telecommunications and in both terrestrial and satellite mobile systems.

The telecommunications provider required reliable connectivity, capable of delivering high speed broadband to the large proportion of the population still unserved by broadband connectivity. The large majority of its business customer base operates beyond the bounds of fibre networks, often in extremely remote locations. Access to reliable, high speed broadband is critical to their commercial success. To address widespread connectivity challenges, Intermatica selected Avanti Communications to extend its satellite bandwidth capabilities across Italy.

Intermatica found Avanti’s service and proposition was the best fit for the business as it’s cost-effective, efficient and “always on”.

The partnership demonstrates the integral role satellite technology continues to play in providing reliable, high-speed broadband to enterprises across Europe.

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