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Mining site with buildings

Connecting South Africa’s Mines

Region:          Southern Africa
Verticals:      Mining; Construction
Application: Broadband

In South Africa’s Northern Cape, employees of a mining company could only access broadband via a highly contended 2Mbps connection, which was not sufficient to support multiple users logging on simultaneously. In addition, mobile network coverage was severely limited meaning the company and its employees struggled to communicate effectively.


With hundreds of employees, the site regularly experienced lengthy work delays as crews were unable to give or receive instructions promptly due to unreliable internet connectivity. Consequently, standards of work were inconsistent across sites and overall production efficiency was lower.


Logical Wireless, who provide integrated satellite communication solutions to enterprises across all industries, partnered with Avanti Communications to provide South Africa’s mining and construction industry with high-speed satellite internet connectivity, enabling businesses to be connected no matter how remote the location.


The service, deployed via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite, with 100% coverage of South Af rica, provides speeds of up to 28Mbps. The collaboration between Logical Wireless and Avanti has enabled the mining company to improve day-to-day operations increasing efficiencies by 15%. The ability to communicate via phone, email or Skype f rom any location with other sites means that jobs are finished quicker and more efficiently. Workers can now rely on strong and consistent on-site communications with fellow employees and customers.In addition, staff morale has improved as workers can stay in touch with colleagues and family whilst working remotely. Overall, productivity levels have risen and operational costs have been reduced.


Our customers are always surprised at the speeds we can deliver via satellite. Thanks to our partnership with Avanti, bolstered by innovations such as the bonded unit, we can deliver high speed broadband in the most remote locations. Sectors such as construction and mining – whose sites often located on the peripheries of infrastructure – need to be connected. Ka-band removes all the previous limitations in an incredibly cost effective way. We’re delighted to be working with Avanti to support our customers.

Gavin Behr, Sales Director, Logical Wireless

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