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Oscar Pistorius leaves court

HD Coverage of Oscar Pistorius Trial

Avanti’s innovative satellite technology redefines the satellite news gathering (SNG) market for a new generation of global IP broadcasters. International news agency Reuters adopted Avanti’s Ka-band SNG services to cover the prolific Oscar Pistorius trial.

Region: South Africa
Vertical: Broadcast
Application: Occasional Use; SNG The evolution of global broadcasting presents a number of opportunities for the satellite industry. The high demand for real-time news places huge pressure on news organisations, their production teams and engineers. News gatherers need the flexibility and reliability to broadcast live feeds, often from the most remote places. In a hugely competitive market, even small transmission breaks during live broadcasting events are a huge reputational threat.

Broadcasters required a highly flexible, reliable service to provide real-time news, no matter how remote the location. Avanti’s unique Ka-band news gathering product has been developed hand-in-hand with the broadcast industry to address these needs. Increasingly adopted by the world’s largest broadcasters for IP transmission, the quality of Avanti’s Ka-band technology is making waves in the SNG sector. International news agency Reuters adopted Avanti’s Ka-band SNG service, deployed via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 satellite, in South Africa for the duration of the Oscar Pistorius court trial.

Avanti’s lightweight, easy-to-deploy terminals and low power consumption are appealing features for broadcasters on-the-move. Continuous innovation in SNG technology and hardware has removed the need for news teams to use multiple carriers, huge amplifiers or large generators. Avanti’s technology also supports multiple hardware platforms and uses the industry’s leading SNG hubs.

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