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Fire crew attend car accident

Project Hydra

Region: Europe
Vertical: Emergency Services
Application: Cellular Backhaul

The Challenge

For the first responders and those working in the emergency services, access to secure high-speed connectivity is critical.

Emergency services personnel often rely heavily on mobile internet access. However, limited network infrastructure, especially in rural and remote locations can affect speeds, reliability and access.

The Solution

Project HYDRA, led by Avanti Communications, provides a secure 4G mobile network that is transportable and enables rapid deployment, whilst ensuring coverage, no matter the location. HYDRA provides a private and secure high-speed 4G overlay network anywhere in the UK. The project also supports 2G and 3G devices and as it’s a completely transportable network, it can be deployed wherever it’s required.

The Results

The service provides a complete small cell network that can operate in both standalone (private) or interconnected (roaming) modes. It has a range of up to 2km and can securely transmit data, make calls without interference and even locate disaster victims using the signal from their mobile phones. Avanti’s High Throughput Satellite (HTS) link delivers end users with up to 60Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speeds and provides full coverage of the UK. This technology is highly transportable and quickly deployable, both of which are vital criteria for critical situations emergency services.

Project HYDRA was the world’s first hybrid small cell technology combining the latest software and hardware to provide ubiquitous coverage of Ka-band satellite.

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