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teacher showing Kenyan school children how to use elearning from the imlango project

Project iMlango

Region: Kenya

Partners: Department for International Development (DFID), sQuid, Whizz Education and Camara Education

The Challenge

Over one million children in Kenya do not regularly attend school, marginalised by societal issues including poverty and distance.

A solution was required that could measurably improve education and life outcomes for a target of 150,000 pupils – 68,000 of whom are defined as marginalised girls.

The Solution

Led by Avanti Communications and its partners (UK Department for International Development (DFID), sQuid, Whizz Education and Camara Education), Project iMlango is a first of its kind e-learning partnership, created to deliver improved educational outcomes in maths, literacy and life skills for marginalised children.

The project provides high-speed internet connectivity to rural and remote schools; tailored online educational content; electronic attendance monitoring with conditional payments to families to improve non-attendance and drop-out rates; in-field capacity in technology and support resources; and real-time project monitoring/measurement.

Deployed via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite, broadband connectivity powers the programme to ensure e-learning is successfully implemented in 205 remote and rural schools across Kenya.

The Results

Across 205 Primary schools and 40 Secondary schools, we saw over 180,000 students with improved educational outcomes in maths, literacy and life skills. We found out that students who have access to the individualised learning platform for 60 minutes per week improve their “maths age” by on average, 18 months within their first year of access.

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EE partnered with Avanti Communications to provide Satellite Cellular Backhaul to over 1000 fixed and portable base stations across the UK. Avanti’s high quality, secure and resilient Ka-band satellite connectivity offered the ultra-reliable network EE required.


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