Connecting South Africa’s Mines

Fast and reliable broadband for remote mining

Avanti and Logical Wireless are connecting the mining industry

Region: Southern Africa
Verticals: Mining; Construction
Application: Broadband

The Challenge

In the Northern Cape, employees of a mining company could only access broadband via a highly contended 2Mbps connection, which was not sufficient enough to support multiple users trying to log on simultaneously. With hundreds of employees, the site regularly experienced lengthy work delays as crews were unable to give or receive instructions promptly. Consequently, standards of work were inconsistent and overall efficiency was lower.

The Solution

Logical Wireless partnered with Avanti Communications to provide South Africa’s mining and construction industry with high-speed satellite internet connectivity, enabling businesses to
be connected nationwide.

The service, which is deployed via Avanti’s HYLAS2 Ka-band satellite, with 100% coverage of South Africa, provides speeds of up to 28Mbps.

The Benefits

  • High-speed satellite connectivity has resulted in improved day-to-day operations at the mining company, increasing efficiencies by 15%
  • The ability to communicate via phone, email or Skype from any location with other sites means that jobs are finished quicker and more efficiently
  • Workers can rely on strong and consistent onsite communications with fellow employees and customers
  • Staff morale has also improved as workers can stay in touch with colleagues and family whilst working remotely
  • Overall, productivity levels have risen and operational costs have been reduced