Eurona and Avanti

Ending the digital divide in Spain and Portugal


Service Provider: Eurona
Sectors: Broadband; Enterprise
Region: Spain and Portugal
Vertical: Broadband

Ending the digital divide in Spain and Portugal

The Challenge
Leading international Internet Service Provider (ISP), Eurona Telecom, has delivered broadband connectivity across a range of sectors in key European countries, such as Spain and Portugal, for over 15 years. Operating over such a broad range of markets with an array of requirements across different terrains, Eurona required a flexible service on a single platform which enabled both consumer and enterprise services to be provided to customers in a cost-effective and efficient way.

The solution was to also meet Eurona’s requirement of being able to adapt their service plans to market situations, under their own control, and therefore match their products to customer specific demand.

The Solution
Eurona partnered with Avanti Communications to provide high speed broadband connectivity across Spain and Portugal. The service delivers speeds of 30Mbps for both consumer and enterprise services. The Generic Flexible Payload (GFP) technology, developed under an ESA ARTES programme with UK Space Agency (UKSA) and Innovate UK funding, was used to move bandwith between Ku and Ka-band transponders, enabling large scale implementation of the high speed services across Europe.

The service delivers packages using the new Hughes Jupiter 2 platform, which can support low cost consumer throughput of up to 100Mbps and enterprise users over 1,000Mbps. By operating in “single carrier mode” which enables greater bandwidth efficiency and lower cost per Mbps. With extensive capacity of Spain and Portugal acquired by Eurona, exclusivity of consumers in these regions and competitive pricing, the leading ISP will be able to serve more than 15,000 consumers across the region with a higher quality and more flexible service from 2017. Extra capacity will be used from HYLAS 4.

Our business strategy is to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and consistent growth. A successful combination of Eurona’s ambition and market knowledge, and innovative technology from established partners, such as Avanti, will help us to achieve this. We are excited to work with Avanti to connect customers more effectively across the region using its outstanding and highly flexible quality of service. To date we currently have 1,000 sites connected via this platform which is a great achievement for Eurona and Avanti through this partnership.” – Jaume Sanpera, President and Chief, Executive Officer of Eurona