Extending Mobile Networks to remote and peak season sites
via Satellite Backhaul


Enabling a world leading Mobile Network Operator to enhance and extend their mobile network

Region: UK and Europe
Sector: Carrier Services
Application: Cellular Backhaul


Many popular holiday destinations across Europe are in locations with weak and limited terrestrial connectivity options. These destinations benefit from an influx of holidaymakers during peak times which increase the demand for mobile data availability, meaning available networks often become congested.

One of the world’s leading Mobile Network Operators (MNO), is committed to serving its customers with high speed, ubiquitous 3G coverage. Historically, it has been difficult justifying the operational and capital costs of backhaul infrastructure for such seasonal peaks, which could result in reduced user experience. Such varied backhaul requirements needed a robust and flexible solution which would not compromise speed or performance.

Designed to provide primary connectivity as well as an overspill for traffic during peak times, Avanti Communications’ leading Ka-band satellite technology enables ultra-resilient Satellite Backhaul to be delivered to remote and seasonal locations, no matter how rural or remote.

Avanti’s network integration team worked with the MNO to identify, design and integrate a flexible, cost-effective and ultra-fast service to deliver additional satellite backhaul capacity to existing sites, and primary connectivity to new sites previously deemed commercially unviable.

Avanti has revolutionised the economics of Cellular Backhaul by overcoming the fundamental barriers of cost, capacity, backhaul use cases and length of deployment. Our  Cellular Backhaul over satellite has proven to be the smart and cost-effective technology when compared to terrestrial backhaul options.

Following a series of highly successful trials, Avanti’s Satellite Backhaul product provided a flexible bandwidth pool that enabled the MNO to meet its network demands as they occurred.

Avanti is the leading satellite operator for 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE backhaul. Our High Throughput Satellites (HTS) provide up to 380Mbps to base stations. Not only does our technology reduce operational costs by up to 70%, but also delivers SLA’s never seen before in the satellite industry.

We can extend your reach, expand your market opportunity and help cut costs. Whatever your requirements or challenges, our technology will complement your existing network, allowing you to scale your mobile network to meet demand.

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