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Global HD Coverage

World-leading broadcaster uses Avanti’s global HD Ka-band coverage

Satellite news gathering (SNG) service successfully deployed for breaking stories in Africa and Middle East.

Region: South Africa
Deliverables: SNG broadcast via Ka-band satellite

The Challenge

As a global news organisation, 24/7 access to high quality satellite services is paramount. Any service used needs to provide always-on, direct and stable IP links back to its London headquarters, 24 hours a day from every corner of the globe. News teams require always-on data connectivity to send unedited reports in HD quality by FTP, back to the broadcaster’s London servers. Service coordination needs to be conducted via IP phones on the same connection.

The Solution

Using Avanti’s HYLAS 2 satellite, the global news organisation broadcast coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial and various breaking news reports from the Middle East, across its worldwide TV and radio network. The SNG service has provided direct and stable IP links back to its UK headquarters, deploying always-on, 24/7 coverage, available as and when news teams require.

Uplinking is provided with a Holkirk TP100 VSAT 1.0m dish system. The coverage carries the single live two-way news camera on a 4Mb/s MPEG stream, from a hardware coder. The presenter return feed is then received via IP on a hardware comms unit.

The major benefits of Avanti’s Ka system are varied, and include low power consumption, lightweight easy-to-deploy terminals and suitability for IP transmission, which is being increasingly adopted by broadcasters. Coupled with a competitive pricing model, Avanti has developed an attractive proposition for global broadcasters.

The Results

Powered by the Avanti Cloud, high quality coverage of breaking news can be provided seamlessly to the eyes and ears of the world. Successful HD coverage of news included global broadcast of the Oscar Pistorius court trial from South Africa and a series of breaking stories from the Middle East. Avanti’s work with major news providers further proves the in-built quality and flexibility of industry-leading Ka-band satellite technology.