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High-speed Connectivity

Deployed onshore and offshore across the Middle East

Resilient high-speed data connectivity to global oil and gas industry.

Region: Middle East
Deliverables: Onshore and offshore connectivity

The Challenge

A leading global provider of managed networks for the upstream oil, gas and mining sectors provides connectivity to remote and challenging locations. Solutions include international connections, managed networks, and oilfield infrastructure.

The provider needed a secure, high quality solution to reach its operations and customer base in some of remotest parts of the world. As part of its continued  expansion and work within the oil and gas industry in Iraq, the Service Provider required high-speed satellite connectivity to serve remote fields, its office in Iraq, and for out of band management in its larger sites.

The Solution

The quality of Avanti’s leading Ka-band technology uniquely addressed the provider’s multiple demands. As a legacy user of Ku-band technology, this was its first foray into Ka-band.

Whilst traditional Ku satellite technology has been used for two-way data applications, the spectrum has often carried a price premium, resulting in high costs to the end user. Ka satellites have been designed to deliver high speed data services, which offer significant advantages over Ku-band capacity, including:

  • Lower cost – due to the efficiencies resulting from the use of small spot beams which concentrate power and re-use spectrum;
  • More capacity than Ku satellites, providing room for a customer to grow its network.;
  • Smaller dishes – efficiencies of operating at Ka-band mean that user terminals are cheaper and cost less to install and maintain;
  •  Sophisticated service offering – Ka-band operators are focused on data applications; a customer can purchase an entire end-to-end, managed service from a single source.