Avanti offers mobile network operators a secure, reliable and robust option for extending network coverage and increasing network capacity at events or in emergency situations.

Whether your project lasts for a few months or several years, maintaining email contact, mobile phone connectivity and access to the internet on site is vital for the smooth running of the project.

When there’s no terrestrial connectivity available, you no longer have to rely on GSM. The mobility of Avanti’s cell on wheels means that you do not have to situate your head office or control centre offsite in a connected location. Our connectivity comes to you, wherever you are.

The benefits of additional cellular capacity Cell on wheels

  • 100% In-Country Coverage – Delivers a national service through a single hub
  • Smaller Terminals – Cost-effective, attractive, and efficient in delivering bandwidth to end users
  • High Throughput – Unlimited data transfer at speeds of up to 380Mbps
  • Cost-Effective – Outstanding Mbps throughput per $ delivers price advantages over Ku and C band.
  • Fast deployment and scalability – Any application can be deployed quickly with minimal or no civil works.
  • Extensive coverage of UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa



Project Hydra

For the first responders and those working in the emergency services, access to secure high speed connectivity is critical.