Avanti’s satellite technology enables ‘connected construction sites’ by providing secure, reliable and affordable connectivity for remote and hard-to-reach locations.

Our leading satellite technology and fleet enable construction sites to be easily connected. We provide secure, reliable and cost-effective satellite broadband services to ensure sites get and stay connected, no matter where they are.

Large scale construction projects in remote locations struggle with communication. Contact with the head office to discuss plans, view progress and ordering supplies can be difficult.  With quick to deploy satellite broadband, services can be rolled-out on projects, large or small, where communication infrastructure is lacking or the workforce are frequently on the move.


Benefits for the Construction Industry

  • Guaranteed throughput – Maintains connectivity and does not drop out
  • Available anywhere – No need for a fixed line or mobile network
  • Optimised for CCTV – Supports multi-mode camera operation and software updates
  • Fixed IP address – Enables total control over a full network
  • Backhaul – Integrates with small cell, 3G and VoIP
  • Integration – Use your own VPN appliance
  • Cost-effective connectivity – Throughput or data usage models
  • Extensive coverage of UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa

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Keeping an Eye on Construction

24-hour live-streaming and project monitoring on multiple construction sites in Europe.