Our latest projects

Project Heart

Built on our existing community work and education projects, we’re proud to introduce Project Heart, our latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. The new programmes are built on our commitment to giving back to our communities and the areas we operate in, reaching even the remotest of locations. Through our people, resources and satellite technology, we can deliver innovative solutions to empower people across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Through developing programmes and forming partnerships with like-minded people, we enable access to opportunities which might not be readily available to them due to geographical displacement, social and economic circumstances. Project Heart supports areas including business ideas, education, entrepreneurship, life skills, livelihoods, and well-being.  Avanti can provide access to opportunities, improve connectivity and enable individuals to turn their ideas into reality. We’re committed to going the extra mile and making a real difference, and by working together, we have the ability and the heart to liberate potential and transform lives.


Momentum is part of Avanti’s Project Heart and mobilises our resources to target the needs of refugee populations and their host communities across Africa. At Avanti, we understand that the vast majority of the world’s refugees are hosted in some of the most remote, disconnected and vulnerable communities, often in developing countries. Our Momentum programme will support:

  • partners on the ground
  • meeting the needs of displaced people by empowering individuals, unlocking their potential and gaining access to opportunities
  • lessening the strain on host communities

We are reaching out and looking for partners involved in regional responses to refugee situations, and we’re committed to giving our resources, satellite capacity and technical abilities to help deliver real change. Momentum is equipping people with the resources and skills to move forward and access an unlimited future.

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Avanti’s existing education initiatives


iMlango delivers connected education to marginalised children across Kenya, providing improved education outcomes to over 150,000 school children, 68,000 being marginalised girls, across 205 Kenyan primary schools. The project includes eLearning, technological resources and electronic attendance monitoring with conditional payments to families to encourage attendance.


iKnowledge has delivered high-speed satellite broadband connectivity, digital skills training to teachers and eLearning to over 250 Tanzanian schools. The project implemented community Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing community members to buy internet data packages, generating revenue.


ECO is an initiative providing broadband internet connectivity at very low cost to hundreds of schools and their local communities in Africa. Wi-Fi transmitters are installed, and schools receive broadband at a subsidised cost. The local community can purchase broadband credits and use the connectivity, creating a sustainable model for connectivity.