As satellite broadband becomes even more ubiquitous, it offers unparalleled opportunities to transform education.

By going the extra mile, our satellite connectivity has the power to raise the quality of education beyond the existing limits of schools, empowering students, teachers and communities to be part of the digital world.

We have successfully delivered education projects to thousands of schools across Africa. Working closely with government departments, we provide reliable and fast satellite broadband, equipment, eLearning platforms and ICT skills training, ensuring teachers and students have access to the latest digital opportunities.

  • Our iKnowledge project brings connectivity to classrooms in Tanzania, changing the lives of students and teachers across the country. 
  • We lead Kenya’s pioneering iMlango eLearning programme, which aims to improve educational outcomes in maths, literacy & life skills for 150,000 children in 245 schools.
  • We’re working with the Kenyan Ministry of ICT to connect 1160 innovation hubs across the country, helping young adults and entrepreneurs develop their ICT skills and bringing them up to speed with today’s digital world. 

eLearning delivers a multitude of proven benefits for children by providing a platform to develop their language, emotions, creativity and social skills. Evidence suggests schools are reaping the rewards of eLearning through:

  • Lowering cost of teaching materials
  • Implementation of better-suited assessments and provide more accurate learning results,
  • Improved attendance

Case Studies


Internet Connectivity for Kenyan Entrepreneurs

Working with the Kenyan Ministry of ICT to connect innovation hubs, helping entrepreneurs start their businesses


Connecting South Africa’s Libraries

Delivering internet access via satellite to hundreds of South African libraries in close succession.


Avanti Communications closes the digital divide for 18,000 teachers and 216,000 students in Tanzania with its award-winning iKnowledge project

Avanti is delighted to announce that it has won the “Changing Lives” award for its innovative iKnowledge Project at East Africa Com 2018.


UK tech companies deliver e-learning to Kenya’s marginalised girls

Avanti, sQuid, Whizz Education & Camara Education in strategic partnership with DFID