Education and ICT skills are essential in today’s digital world.

Through our satellite broadband schools, incubation hubs, libraries and communities can access the latest eEducation and digital skills that are available, ensuring everyone can become a digital citizen.

No matter how rural or challenging the environment, we can help enable children and adults benefit from digital education, have access to the internet and develop ICT skills and improve the development of local communities.

We have a number of education initiatives and have the expertise to deliver connected education across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Here at Avanti, we believe everyone should have access to education and ICT.

eLearning in Schools

The use of ICT in education offers a clear promise for accelerating learning and personal development, and as we all live in a digital world, ICT and digital skills are often key for employment opportunities.

Many schools in rural and remote areas, especially in Africa, often have a large number of pupils with limited resources, such as books. Due to the cost of there materials, the class size, there is often not enough to go around and are outdated.

By introducing satellite broadband and ICT into schools, we can help improve children’s access to education and learning outcomes.

eLearning in schools can:

  •  lower the cost of teaching materials
  • implement better-suited assessments and provide more accurate learning results,
  • improve attendance.

We can provide internet connectivity, eLearning, as well as digital skills training for teachers.

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Case Studies


iKnowledge Marginalised Girls

Promoting education for marginalised girls across Tanzania.


Project iMlango

Project iMlango provides high-speed satellite internet connectivity to rural and remote schools across Kenya. Improving educational outcomes


iKnowledge Zeze School

iKnowledge Project brings high-speed satellite broadband, digital skills training for teachers and e-Learning to Tanzanian schools.


Access to eEducation in the community

Internet connectivity is key to accessing information, starting a business, as well as looking for and gaining employment. However, just by implementing broadband isn’t always enough. To ensure people get the best and benefit from access to the internet, ICT and digital skills training are required. Which is why we’re committed to projects that enable communities to cross the digital divide.

We’ve connected:

  • 1160 Incubation hubs across Kenya
  • National South African libraries
  • Communities to Wi-Fi



Case Studies


Internet Connectivity for Kenyan Entrepreneurs

Working with the Kenyan Ministry of ICT to connect innovation hubs, helping entrepreneurs start their businesses


Connecting South Africa’s Libraries

Delivering internet access via satellite to hundreds of South African libraries in close succession.




Avanti Communications closes the digital divide for 18,000 teachers and 216,000 students in Tanzania with its award-winning iKnowledge project

Avanti is delighted to announce that it has won the “Changing Lives” award for its innovative iKnowledge Project at East Africa Com 2018.


UK tech companies deliver e-learning to Kenya’s marginalised girls

Avanti, sQuid, Whizz Education & Camara Education in strategic partnership with DFID