eLearning Africa 2017

Meet the team and learn more about Avanti’s Education and e-Learning initiatives

Avanti is attending eLearning Africa 2017 (ELA).

Meet our expert team and learn how you get involved with our connected education programmes.

eLearning Africa 2017 is the largest gathering of eLearning and ICT supported education and training professionals in Africa. Avanti is speaking and attending the event to showcase its highly innovative and sustainable e-Learning and education initiatives a such as Project iMlango, iKnowledge and ECO.

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Project iMlango

◤ Project iMlango is improving educational outcomes in maths, literacy and life skills for up to 150,000 school children to 205 in Kenya, 68,000 of the school children are marginalised girls. Combining a fully integrated e-learning platform with robust measurement, Project iMlango enables schools to benefit from broadband connectivity via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 satellite, tailored online educational content and electronic attendance monitoring with conditional payments to families to improve non-attendance and drop-out rates.


◤The iKnowledge Project delivers ICT and high speed satellite internet access to schools across Tanzania. The project aims to Connect, Deliver, Train and Sustain schools in Tanzania through the support of its local and international partners .iKnowledge advances teachers’ digital literacy and understanding through a sustainable training model of ‘Train the Trainers’. The project also provides educational content for teachers to apply straight into their classrooms, greatly improving educational engagement with students

Education Case Studies

ApTec has vast and recent experience implementing impactful eEducation project in Africa.

  • iKnowledge - Project Overview

    iKnowledge – Project Overview

    The iKnowledge Project brings high speed satellite broadband and digital skills training to teachers in Tanzanian schools

  • iKnowledge Marginalised Girls

    iKnowledge Marginalised Girls

    iKnowledge Project: Science for marginalised girls across Tanzania

  • iKnowledge Zeze School

    iKnowledge Zeze School

    iKnowledge Project brings high speed satellite broadband and digital skills training for teachers and e-Learning to Tanzanian schools like Zeze Secondary School

  • Project iMlango

    Project iMlango

    Avanti delivers connected education to marginalised children in Kenya