High speed connectivity for the farming industry

With extensive coverage of EMEA, we provide agriculture businesses with fast and reliable internet access.

Avanti’s Ka-band satellite technology operates independently from traditional networks giving your business secure, private and dependable connectivity, no matter how rural your location. All you need is a satellite dish and a router. The service is quick to deploy and is scalable to accommodate your business’ growing needs.

2/3 of Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy relies on agriculture and 90% of farmers confirm that communication technologies improve food security and sustainability in their region

Who benefits from satellite Broadband?

  • Agriculture businesses operating in rural areas with no broadband connection.
  • Agriculture businesses located far away from the telephone exchange.


3 Good Reasons to Speak to Us

Avanti is the leading satellite communications company across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, offering a range of broadband, connectivity and managed data services.

  • Our satellite fleet uses the latest Ka-band technology, delivering services with outstanding performance at the lowest costs
  • Our proprietary infrastructure offers a highly reliable service
  • We offer a range of different market-leading products, from raw bandwidth to off-the-shelf broadband

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Revitalising Agriculture

SBAS services, from a project led by Avanti, can be used to improve precision farming activities and tractor guided operations.