Avanti challenged the satellite communications industry and set a new standard.

We’ve invested over $1.2 billion in our HYLAS Ka-band satellite fleet, Gateway Earth Stations, ground infrastructure and our people, ensuring the best quality network and customer service.

With extensive  Ka-band coverage across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa, we deliver the latest satellite technology for broadband services; connecting home users, SMEs, and communities to the internet, providing complex network solutions for enterprises and extending 3G and 4G mobile networks. As well as connectivity solutions for governments and security and defence.

Find out more about our satellite fleet & coverage below.

We challenged the industry, the legacy systems and the those who said we couldn’t, and we’ve delivered against them.

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Fleet & Coverage

Key Facts

  • Our satellites cover 65% of the World’s 20 fastest growing economies
  • 118 countries covered
  • Total Land Area (SQ KM) – 139.072 million
  • Population – 1.7 billion
  • GDP (USD) – 62.419 trillion
  • Gross National Income (USD) – 65.933 trillion