Keeping our customers connected

Not only have we designed secure and resilient satellites, we have designed our ground network with the same security and resilience in mind.

We have an international fibre ring, an advanced international network of dual redundant Gateway Earth Stations and a cross-connected fibre network.

Ensuring you, and your customers are always online.

Key features of the network

  • Dual Redundancy
    Diverse Avanti owned Gateway Earth Stations deliver unparalleled resilience
  • Backhaul Network
    Multiple backhaul circuits from each ground station provide additional resilience and redundancy
  • Cross-connect Fibre Network
    Cross-connected fibre network creates resilience and redundancy in case of loss or damage to any link ensuring Avanti customers remain online

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Ground Network Map

Avanti network coverage

Gateway Earth Stations

We have dual-redundant Gateway Earth Stations (GES) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to ensure no single points of failure and a 99.9% uptime service level.

  • Goonhilly (UK)
  • Berlin and Hamelin (Germany)
  • Konya (Turkey)
  • Cyprus
  • Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Johannesburg (South Africa)

We have planned future Gateways in Kenya and Tanzania, ensuring we fulfil the requirements and needs of our customers.

Point of Presence

We also operate Point of Presence (PoP) stations across EMEA.

  • Telehouse East London (UK)
  • Global Switch One London (UK)
  • Interxion Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Global Crossing Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Istanbul 1 (Turkey)
  • Istanbul 2 (Turkey)
  • Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Johannesburg (South Africa)