Leading the way with our Ka Satellite Fleet

In 2010, our first satellite HYLAS 1 launched, making Avanti the first British company to launch a Ka-band satellite and the first satellite operator to provide Ka-band services across the UK and Europe.

HYLAS 2, launched in 2012, extending our services across the UK and Europe and being the first to offer Ka-band services in the Middle East and East and Southern Africa.

6 years later, in April 2018, we launched our most ambitious satellite to date, HYLAS 4. The satellite offers the very latest in Ka-band technology and doubles our Ka-band capacity. With 64 spot beams, HYLAS 4 completes Avanti’s Sub-Saharan coverage, as well as an innovative design that incorporates four steerable beams that can be steered to address additional markets across EMEA or Latin American.

We deliver the latest satellite technology for broadband services; connecting home users, SMEs, and communities to the internet, providing complex network solutions for enterprises and extending 3G and 4G mobile networks. As well as connectivity solutions for governments and security and defence.

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