We understand the demand for data and fluidity of when and where extra capacity is required, which is why we’ve designed our satellites with that thought and our customers in mind.

Our steerable beams provide highly flexible and high throughput capacity, wherever you may need it.

We offer three solutions on our steerables, enabling you to gain immediate access to Ka-band capacity:

  • Full Steering Rights – Gives you the ability to move the beam(s) at any time within the agreed term.
  • Initial Pointing Rights – You can nominate a single location where the beam stays fixed for the duration of an agreed term.
  • Guaranteed Capacity – You can request a location at a lower capacity; Avanti will place the beams in locations with the most requests.

We have one steerable on HYLAS 2 and four steerable beams available on HYLAS 4, which can provide capacity across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

The steerable beams operate in civilian & government frequencies;
enabling telcos, mobile network operators, governments and satellite operators to benefit from high speed, secure Ka-band capacity.


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