Why Ka-Band?

Satellite technology has dramatically changed in the last decade, with new High Throughput Satellites using frequencies in the Ka segment of the spectrum.

Ka-band has been specifically designed to enable high-speed communications,  at a far lower cost than traditional Ku satellites. This is made possible as Ka-band beams are much more focused, resulting in high powered spot beams lit over specific countries.

Spot beams enable a much higher throughput while using the same amount of bandwidth, driving down the cost and leaving more of the spectrum available for other uses.

The Ka Advantage

  • Lower cost – due to the efficiencies resulting from the use of small spot beams which concentrate power and reuse spectrum;
  • Higher capacity – Ka satellites often have 10 to 20 times more capacity than Ku satellites providing room for a customer to grow their network;
  • Smaller dishes –  user terminals are smaller, cheaper and cost less to install and maintain;
  • Sophisticated service offering – Ka-band operators are focused on data applications, which means a customer can purchase an entire end-to-end, managed service from a single source
  • Uncongested – Ka is free of interference compared to Ku-band

The Avanti Advantage

In addition to the Ka advantages, our Ka-band satellites offer significant advantages over other Ka operators

  • Service Resilience – our satellites have comparable rain resilience to Ku satellites
  • Network topology – all spot beams from a single country are linked to a single Gateway, minimising network complexity for customers.
  • Coverage – all of the key countries served by the HYLAS fleet are 100% covered with no performance “canyons”, ensuring a uniformly high level of performance.
  • Simplicity – the HYLAS fleet operates in geostationary orbit and are very high powered
  • Reliability – our terrestrial network employs dual redundant Gateways, enabling traffic switching during periods of heavy rain or maintenance at the primary Gateway to guarantee high levels of availability.
  • Integration – we operate an “open” system which invites all manufacturers to operate their hubs and user terminals across our network. This means we can tailor a solution for easy integration with our customer’s existing networks.
  • Easy Installation – fast deployment and installation via the Avanti Mobile Assist App

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