Transforming Lives Through Digital Inclusion

The internet is a critical enabler for social and economic change. It facilitates access to information, education, e-commerce, entrepreneurship and is revolutionising areas like agriculture, energy, healthcare and many others.

At Avanti, we believe in the power of our technology to transform our world and to deliver a fairer, safer and more sustainable future for all. We partner with national governments and NGOs like DFID, USAID and the World Bank to launch digitally connected solutions aimed at achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We connect the unconnected by providing high-speed internet to the most rural and marginalised communities in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Avanti has a proud track record and extensive experience delivering above expectations across a number of verticals and sectors, mobilising organisations to deliver high-impact solutions quickly and effectively.


Our satellite connectivity has the power to improve educational outcomes beyond the existing limits of schools, empowering students, teachers and communities, bringing them into the digital world.

We have successfully delivered education projects to thousands of schools across Africa. Working closely with government departments, we provide reliable and fast satellite broadband, equipment, eLearning platforms and ICT skills training, ensuring teachers and students have access to the latest digital opportunities.

  • Our iKnowledge project brings connectivity to classrooms in Tanzania, changing the lives of students and teachers across the country.
  • We lead Kenya’s pioneering iMlango eLearning programme, which aims to improve educational outcomes in maths, literacy & life skills for 150,000 children in 245 schools.
  • We’re working with the Kenyan Ministry of ICT to connect 1160 innovation hubs across the country, helping young adults and entrepreneurs develop their ICT skills and bringing them into today’s digital world.


eLearning delivers a multitude of proven benefits for children by providing a platform to develop their language, emotions, creativity and social skills. Evidence suggests schools are reaping the rewards of eLearning through:

  • Lowering the cost of teaching materials
  • Implementation of better-suited assessments and providing more accurate learning results,
  • Improved attendance

In times of crisis, mobile communications and fixed infrastructure cannot always be relied upon.

Communication networks can become overloaded or suspended, and in remote and rural areas, there may be a lack of established infrastructure in the first place, yet in today’s connected world, communications are increasingly important to provide situational awareness and maintain command and control.

Avanti’s Ka-band connectivity provides secure and reliable high-speed connections that can support emergency data and information requirements as well as all communications systems, even in the most rural of locations or when all other cellular communications have failed.


  • Ka-band satellite communications, already integrated with 4G and LTE nodes, provide the means to restore communications infrastructure – anywhere
  • Bronze and Silver command posts can operate independently of failed terrestrial communications systems and with the bandwidth to deliver video teleconferencing and multi-media communications and the ability to receive and monitor CCTV surveillance
  • Avanti provides first responders, eyes on the ground, or tiered commands with portable communications providing mega-bits of capacity on demand
  • Avanti’s Ka-band connectivity can enhance, ensure and assure critical communications, command and control, wherever it is required
  • Extensive coverage of Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Our flexible and scalable connectivity solution increases positive health outcomes and delivers unparalleled efficiency to health services.

Whether it be through connectivity to mobile screening units, or remote health centres across Africa, we don’t just connect services and people; we strengthen and empower them.


  • We can help deliver eHealth services across EMEA


  • Deliver social transformation and raise the quality of life


  • Multipurpose and scalable connectivity that can be rolled out quickly and cost effectively

We increase the cost-efficiency of network regardless of application type or number of sites.


Network efficiency

  • Allocate bandwidth capacity based on the needs of applications, sites and user behaviour
  • Monitor activity across entire network and make critical improvements faster

Per-site efficiency

  • Multi-purpose hardware allows one location to operate multiple applications with little to no reconfiguration
  • Low CapEx makes it worthwhile to connect a site even if bandwidth requirements are minimal

With extensive coverage of EMEA, we provide agriculture businesses with fast and reliable internet access.

Our satellite solutions operate independently from traditional networks giving your business secure, private and dependable connectivity, no matter how rural your location. All you need is a satellite dish and a router. The service is quick to deploy and is scalable to accommodate your business’ growing needs.


Our satellites use the latest Ka-band technology, delivering services with outstanding performance at the lowest costs

  • Our dual redundant gateway earth stations offer a highly reliable service
  • We offer a range of different market leading products, from raw bandwidth to off-the-shelf broadband
  • We have 100% in country coverage

Who benefits from satellite broadband?

  • Agriculture businesses operating in rural areas with no broadband connection
  • Agriculture businesses located too far away from the telephone exchange


At Avanti, we are committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we continue to expand our projects across the African continent. By already improving the educational outcomes of over 300,000 marginalised school children in Africa we are always looking out for new ways to use our pioneering satellite technology to create positive outcomes in places where previous exposure to the internet was not existent. We understand the importance of what the internet can bring and we believe that everybody has the right to access it and fulfil their own potential.

The object of iKnowledge was to bring digital education platform into schools, enriching the learning experience students have. The only way to deliver that content to scale across a country or region is through satellite communications”

Chris Lee Chief Scientist, UK Space Agency