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Avanti HYLAS 4 is our newest satellite. After its successful launch in April 2018, it is in its final stage of becoming operational. HYLAS 4 will bring fast and reliable connectivity solutions across Africa from August 2018. Discover how Avanti’s new satellite can help you grow your business and operations in the most cost-effective way.

Extensive coverage/ reach - Our High Throughput Satellite (HTS) has 64 Ka-band spot beams that cover 36 countries, providing new capacity across West and Central Africa as well as extending our existing coverage across Europe, East and Southern Africa. HYLAS 4 also has 4 steerable beams which can provide highly flexible capacity across Africa, Latin America or Europe.

HIGH THROUGHPUT – Our focused smaller spot beams mean higher speeds, more available capacity and efficiency. With 99.9+% availability, we offer some of the best service levels available.

Expertise– Avanti was the first satellite operator to commercially deliver Ka-band satellite connectivity in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We have developed highly redundant and resilient networks thanks to our on-going investment in multiple data centres and Gateway Earth Stations.

UNIQUE AND FUTURE-PROOF TECHNOLOGY – HYLAS 4 uses the latest Ka-band technology for higher throughput and greater efficiencies. Ka-band satellites have been designed to deliver high speed data services while offering significant advantages over Ku-band and C-band capacity. Our new satellite provides cost-efficient internet capacity due to the efficiencies resulting from the use of small spot beams which concentrate power and re-use spectrum. This also means that end-user terminals are smaller, cheaper and easier to install. And with higher capacity than regular Ku-band satellites, HYLAS 4 is a future proof solution that can satisfy any growth in demand.


Find out how HYLAS 4 sets the new standard of quality, flexibility and affordability for:

Internet Service Providers and Enterprise Integrators
Internet service
Mobile Network Operators
Mobile Network Operators
Government Services
Satellite  Operators