It’s now possible for ISPs and businesses to transfer data to and from remote locations while keeping up with the increasing security demands of SCADA and M2M applications.

Through the use of Ka-band satellites we can extend the reach of M2M applications restricted by non-existent terrestrial networks. Systems Integrators can now supply end-to-end solution across a wide range of M2M markets requiring critical connectivity.

Avanti offers government level security and encryption at multiple stages of its network infrastructure, ensuring secure data transfer. 

Use Cases Machine to Machine

  • Management of mobile workforce
  • eHealth
  • Unified communications
  • Emergency services
  • Security monitoring
  • Tracing and tracking


Benefits of Ka-band technology for Machine to Machine applications

  • Better connection than 3G plus
  • Guaranteed IP throughput
  • Inbuilt control path for software upgrades and fixed asset control
  • Fixed IP address with no risk of dropping offline
  • Product optimised for delivery of live reporting
  • Improved physical and cyber security through use of Ka-band service (jam-resistant)

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Revitalising Agriculture

SBAS services, from a project led by Avanti, can be used to improve precision farming activities and tractor guided operations.


Oil and Gas

Our steerable satellite capability helps Oil & Gas companies improve operational efficiency by delivering immediate connectivity for exploration and remote management and data communications for offshore sites.