Remote mining and construction sites can suffer from poor connectivity, reducing efficiency and staff morale.

Avanti Communications can partner with a systems integrator to provide the mining and construction industry with high-speed satellite internet connectivity, enabling businesses to be connected nationwide.

The service use Avanti’s  Ka-band satellites to provide 100%  in country coverage with speeds of up to 50Mbps.

  • High-speed satellite connectivity improves day-to-day operations
  • The ability to communicate via phone, email or Skype from any location with other sites means that jobs are finished quicker and more efficiently
  • Workers can rely on strong and consistent onsite communications with fellow employees and customers
  • Staff morale  improves as workers can stay in touch with colleagues and family whilst working remotely
  • productivity levels have rise and operational costs are lower



Connecting South Africa’s Mines

High-speed satellite connectivity has resulted in improved day-to-day operations at a mining company.