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Avanti provides specialist Service Providers with in-fill coverage and capacity


The mobility sector is experiencing a significant increase in demand as consumers and enterprise users require high speed connectivity wherever they are; either in planes, ships, trains or cars.

With In-Flight Connectivity being the fastest growing area of this market, Euroconsult estimates that by 2021 17,000 commercial airliners will be using High Throughput Satellites, with revenues rising from $1bn to $6.5bn over ten years.

Avanti’s Mobility Strategy

Our strategy is to partner with best-in-class Service Providers and provide highly reliable connectivity to fill gaps in their networks across regions of peak demand.

The focus areas are as follows:


  • In-Flight Connectivity – Passenger Wi-Fi – Visit our dedicated In-flight connectivity webpage
  • Connected Aircraft – Cockpit / operational services including telemetry traffic from aircraft and engine sensors
  • Drones – Command and control and video traffic


  • Trains – Passenger Wi-Fi
  • Connected Cars – Passenger Wi-Fi and remote engine management / servicing
  • Coaches – Passenger Wi-Fi


  • Cruise Ships – Passenger Wi-Fi and 3G mast backhaul
  • Merchant Ships – Crew welfare, inventory management

Avanti’s Mobility Proposition

We provide specialist Service Providers with in-fill coverage and capacity:
  • High Quality, low cost bandwidth for demand led regional network in-fill
  • Customised operations or standard Avanti ground platforms
  • Steerable beams that can track moving targets or respond rapidly to demand changes from the Americas to India
  • Avanti ensures customers are always connected with an international fibre ring, an advanced international network of ground stations and a cross connected fibre network.