Our leading satellite technology extends MPLS capabilities into remote areas at cost-effective rates.

Enterprises already use Multi-Protocal Layer Switching (MPLS) networks to deliver the service quality and flexibility their businesses require.

We deliver high throughput connectivity, performing to carrier-class quality levels, ready to carry all of your business communications services securely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Where MPLS can be used

  • Financial services – Financial services transactions, CRM, Stock Management, VoIP, Email, Security
  • Government/ Military/ NGO – Inventory management, VoIP Email, Internet, Security
  • Healthcare/ Education – Multicast content distribution, VoIP, Email, internet, Security
  • Manufacturing/ Construction/ Mining – VoIP, Email, Internet, Security, Telemetry
  • Retail/ Hospitality – POS, CRM, Stock Management, VoIP, Email, Internet, Security
  • Oil and Gas/ Utilities – Inventory management, VoIP, Email, Internet, Security, Telemetry, Exploratory data

Key Benefits

  • Integrates with nay existing private network service e.g MPLS, IP VPN, VPLS service
  • Customers have full control over IP addressing and routing of their services



Avoid business downtime with Business Internet Continuity

Avanti Communications partnered with business internet service provider, Imarasat, to deliver high speed broadband via Avanti’s Ka-band satellite to financial services across Kenya.


Connected Health

Avanti delivers a high speed broadband connection, enabling secure, resilient and cost-effective communication for mobile health screening.