Our Ka-band Satellite Backhaul technology is vital for Mobile Network Operators looking to provide the coverage, capacity and resilience required to guarantee service ubiquity. The HYLAS fleet provides ultra-fast speeds and the resiliency MNOs require, but also reduces operational costs by up to 70%.


  • High throughput – Unlimited data transfer at speeds of up to 500Mbps
  • Cost-effective – High Throughput Satellites deliver significant price advantages over C-band and Ku-band
  • Fast deployment and scalability – Any application can be deployed quickly with minimal or no civil works
  • Smaller terminals – Cost-effective, attractive and efficient in delivering bandwidth to end users
  • Hub agnostic- Integrates with any vendor’s hub, delivering maximum flexibility and choice



Project Hydra

For the first responders and those working in the emergency services, access to secure high speed connectivity is critical.


EE demonstrates disaster recovery technology using Avanti Communications’ Ka-band satellite connectivity

EE pioneers air mast technology for rural broadband coverage and disaster recovery via Avanti’s Ka-band satellite