Avanti CEO Kyle Whitehill Q&A with Satellite Evolution Group

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Avanti CEO Kyle Whitehill sits down with Satellite Evolution Group to discuss the economic and technological state of the Satcoms industry

Avanti CEO Kyle Whitehill recently sat down for a Q&A session with Laurence Russell from Satellite Evolution Group. The discussion centred on the economic and technological landscape of the Satcoms industry and where the industry is moving.

Kyle enters the conversation with a brief introduction of the challenges Avanti has faced and the solutions outlined in moving forward. Further conversations are around the UK space industry and its relation with satellite, including the global shift in focus towards space and the rapid rise of interest in the sector.

Kyle also explores the increasing migration in industry from Ku- to Ka-band, and how as a pioneer in Ka-band, Avanti has been on the forefront of innovation in satellite communications. Lastly, the discussion moves to the 5G revolution and its relation concerning both Avanti and the industry as a whole.

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