Avanti Communications voted a Business Superbrand 2015

–  Respected annual Business Superbrands® list features Avanti Communications among the UK’s strongest business-to-business brands –

(Trade release)

Avanti Communications has been awarded Business Superbrands status for 2015, following the most recent evaluation of the long-running annual survey, which has been identifying the UK’s leading business-to-business brands since 2001. The process was managed by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA) and questioned 2,000 individual business professionals from across the UK as well as the independent and voluntary Business Superbrands Council. The three audiences judged more than 1,200 brands, which they assessed on three key criteria: quality, reliability and distinction.

Stephen Cheliotis, Chairman of the Business Superbrands Council said: “Having a strong reputation is as essential in business-business markets as in business-consumer markets. That said it is often ignored by management, or certainly lower in the list of priorities, for many business-business companies, meaning they miss out on the clear benefits a strong brand provides. Those brands awarded Business Superbrand status should therefore be praised for focusing on, and more importantly succeeding in, building a recognisable, powerful and respected brand. The competitive edge the leading Business Superbrands can enjoy is just reward for their endeavours and creates a virtuous circle that will further reaffirm their positive position relative to peers”.

Commenting on the Business Superbrand status, Matthew O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer at Avanti Communications, said: “The award of Business Superbrand 2015 status serves as very welcome recognition of our strategy. We put customers first and deliver a level of quality and flexibility to telecoms companies that is unparalleled in the satellite industry. That World beating new technology is underpinned by the dedication and hard work of our employees who live our brand values to the full every day.”

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Notes to Editors: Business Superbrands 2015

What is Superbrands?

Superbrands is an annual initiative to identify and celebrate the UK’s strongest consumer and B2B brands in Britain. Brands do not apply or pay to be considered for Superbrand status; rather the accolade of Superbrand is awarded after a rigorous and independent selection process (please see below for details).

Business Superbrands Selection Process – Summary

The UK’s Business Superbrands are chosen by a panel of marketing experts and 2,000 individual business professionals from across the UK. Brands do not apply or pay to be considered. The business professionals’ vote is the culmination of an independent selection process managed by The Centre for Brand Analysis, which considers thousands of brands from over 50 sectors.

Business Superbrands Selection Process – Detail

The annual Business Superbrands survey is independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA). Brands do not apply or pay to be considered; rather, the selection process is conducted as follows:

  • TCBA researchers compile lists of the UK’s leading business-to-business brands, drawing on a wide range of sources, from sector reports to blogs to public nominations. From the thousands of brands initially considered a final shortlist is created. For 2015, just over 1,200 brands were shortlisted for Business Superbrands.
  • The shortlist is scored by an independent and voluntary Expert Council, which is assembled and chaired by TCBA’s chief executive. The council is refreshed each year. Bearing in mind the definition of a Business Superbrand, the council members individually award each brand a rating from 1–10. Council members are not allowed to score brands with which they have a direct association or are in competition to, nor do they score brands they are unfamiliar with.
  • The brands are voted on by the consumers of those brands: business professionals, defined as those who have either purchasing or managerial responsibilities within their organisation. Accessed via an SSI online panel, 2,000 individual business professionals were surveyed.
  • The views of the council and the business professionals are taken into equal account when determining each brand’s position in the official league table.

Definition of a Superbrand

When voting on the brands, both the expert council and the consumers consider the following definition of a Superbrand: “A Superbrand has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over other brands, which (consciously or sub-consciously) customers want and recognise.”