Avonline Broadband and Avanti Communications Launch Superfast 30Mbps Satellite Broadband in the UK

30 June, 2016

Fast, reliable satellite broadband is affordable and available now everywhere in UK to frustrated rural communities

Avonline Broadband, one of the UK’s leading telecoms services companies, and Avanti Communications Group plc, a leading provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, announce the nationwide launch of a new superfast 30Mbps satellite broadband service for the UK. The new 30Mbps service is the fastest satellite broadband product available at low cost to consumers anywhere in Europe, and is designed to bring universal superfast broadband to everyone in the country.

Families and businesses in rural British communities continue to be frustrated by slow or non-existent broadband services and continued inability to deliver fibre to the most isolated locations. Fast, reliable satellite broadband based on the latest British technology, such as the service launched today, has 100% coverage of the UK and is affordable and available to those communities now.

Benefits to families include improved access to online services, greater convenience and enriched education for their children. Benefits for small businesses include improved productivity, better communications and increased profitability. Recent research1 highlighted that 75% of UK small businesses believe that broadband is vital to their businesses, with individuals indicating that sales grew 40% in a year due to being online.

A range of Avonline 30Mbps satellite broadband packages are available immediately at www.avonlinebroadband.co.uk. As part of the British Government’s satellite broadband subsidy scheme, led by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), families and businesses in rural British communities can also benefit from a £350 installation voucher for satellite broadband. Any consumer can apply for a voucher by visiting their county council website or contacting Avonline.

Commenting Mark Wynn, Avonline Managing Director said: “We can now provide superfast broadband using satellite technology. With 100% UK coverage, we are able to offer broadband that can match the service available to the majority of customers in urban locations. Only our new service is available everywhere in the UK, right now! From under-served local towns to neglected rural locations, we can now offer a superfast solution that can be ordered today and installed next week. Availability of a choice of affordable, blistering fast broadband packages, based on Avanti’s leading technology, finally means that rural consumers should no longer feel second class when it comes to broadband provision.”

Craig Penfold, Avanti Chief Commercial Officer said: “Avonline has done a great job to bring satellite broadband to market in the UK, and we are delighted to support them in the launch of the fastest satellite broadband product available in Europe. It’s great news for the most demanding rural users. There is also now a government satellite broadband voucher scheme available, which means that qualifying homes can get this service installed completely free.”


For further information please contact:

Avanti Communications

Avanti Public Relations: Andy Phillips, +44 (0)203 829 5162

Avonline Broadband

Mark Wynn, Managing Director, Avonline Broadband, tel 07970 008001, mark.wynn@avonline.co.uk   Images available: Ken Harrison, HPR Marketing, tel 07801 649045, ken.harrison@hprmarketing.com

Notes to Editors

1.       FSB report: Reassured, Optimised, Transformed: Driving Digital Demand Among Small Businesses, September 2015

2.       Family and small business satellite broadband case study:Frustrated by slow or non-existent broadband in her area and negative feedback from local people, Michelle Donelan – Member of Parliament for Chippenham – has taken action to show how a satellite broadband service solves the problem for a family in her constituency. Michelle worked with Avonline Broadband to install an Avanti satellite broadband service for the Hillier family from Corsham in Wiltshire. The Hillier family run a 600 herd cattle farm and B&B business – link to story
About Avonline Broadband

Avonline plc is one of the UK’s leading telecoms services companies. Established in 1981, Avonline has built fibre networks to over 2 million UK premises and installed digital service into over 4 million UK homes and businesses.

Since 2002, Avonline Broadband has pioneered the delivery of satellite broadband services across the UK and Europe. Working with Europe’s leading satellite operators, Avonline offers a range of “next generation” Ka satellite technology and provides satellite broadband services to more UK homes and businesses than any other provider.


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