Chemring Technology Solutions, Avanti Government Services and Spectra Collaborate in Delivery of Secure, Rapidly Deployable Cellular System over Satellite

(Trade release)

Chemring Technology Solutions, Avanti Government Services and Spectra Group (UK) Ltd have collaborated and completed trials to deliver a secure, rapidly deployable cellular communications system over satellite for defence and security use in remote locations.

Both Spectra’s SHADE™ Lite and µSHADE™ solutions were used to provide a secure connection to SmartLink via Avanti’s Ka-band satellite system. The technology integration trial simultaneously delivered a range of cellular services using multiple handsets, including:

  • File sharing
  • Push-to-talk
  • Situational awareness applications
  • Video streaming
  • VoIP calls
  • Web browsing

The SmartLink capability supports military units requiring a secure connection to support operations and even mobile network operators (MNOs) wishing to extend their services to remote locations.

Will Tucker, Product Leader at Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “Chemring Technology Solutions and its partners have proven that a satellite-based communications network can securely and consistently deliver a wide range of end-user services. Avanti’s satellite communications technology helps SmartLink to deliver an extensive service with consistent quality, while the addition of Spectra’s µSHADE™ means cost-saving on network configuration, the addition of government-level security, ease of use, and fast, straight-forward deployment.”

Paul Feenan, Director of Avanti Government Services, commented: “Our collaboration allows us to address immediate demand for a number of use cases, most notably with highly secure applications for the defence, security and emergency responder sectors. This capability complements and builds on Avanti’s pioneering deployment of 3G backhaul in 2013. Our satellite technology delivers the levels of quality and flexibility that the most demanding government and commercial customers seek.”

About SmartLink

SmartLinkTM is a highly-portable cellular network-in-a-box with a proven 5km range. When the local commercial cellular infrastructure fails, it can be deployed in less than three minutes. SmartLink delivers a self-contained, secure communications network to share voice, data and video information, improving collaboration and situational awareness. SmartLink’s small form factor, long range and low power consumption is unrivalled in the market, and it has been successfully trialled by organisations in the UK and overseas.

About Avanti’s Ka-band Products

Ka-band has introduced a step change in the economics and capability high speed satellite communication services. Avanti’s satellites have been designed to deliver robust and resilient bandwidth for intensive internet and data applications across EMEA. Based on market leading technology, Avanti’s products enable high speed IP connectivity to be delivered to any location within the HYLAS fleet footprint.  Avanti has developed the world’s most advanced satellite network interface, giving customers comprehensive control across the fleet and ground infrastructure. In 2013, Avanti created a world first in providing 3G backhaul over Ka-band to MNOs and in 2014, successfully demonstrated 4G backhaul to the UK government.

About Spectra SHADE

The Spectra Hostile Area Deployment Environment (SHADE™) enables rapid deployment and delivery of secure voice and data services across any available bearer, and is perfect for small teams needing 24/7 availability and auto-configuration. SHADE™ adds a level (IPSEC AES 256) of secure networking to the SMARTlink system, meaning that users can link securely to the Internet or private servers via the SHADE™ core. Because SHADE™ is bearer agnostic, the deployment of Smartlink is further enhanced by the ability to switch from locally available ADSL or cellular networks to a satellite network, without reconfiguring the endpoints. This means that in the event of a loss of terrestrial service, or with a requirement to change location, the network can simply be switched to use satellite.

See SmartLink at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX), Stand 06-A24



Notes to Editor

About Chemring Technology Solutions 

Chemring Technology Solutions is an advanced science and technology company trusted by governments, national security and commercial customers to provide military and commercial advantage. From their two sites in the UK, the company's world-class scientists and engineers work to rapidly solve complex customer problems, and create innovative technology solutions which help to protect and enhance lives. Visit:  


About Avanti Communications

Avanti is a carriers’ carrier, selling wholesale data telecoms products to service providers which use them to create networks for enterprise, carrier, government and consumer users. Avanti’s network consists of:- two high throughput satellites in orbit, called HYLAS 1 and HYLAS 2; a multiband satellite called Artemis plus a fourth and a fifth satellite in construction called HYLAS 3 and HYLAS 4 and an international fibre network connecting data centres in several countries. Avanti Communications has GEO satellite network spectrum filings in the ITU Master Register for Ka-band at 33.5° West and 31.0° East and for Ka, Ku, S and L-band at 21.5° East. Avanti Communications serves customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 


About Spectra Group

Spectra Group (UK) Ltd is a leading international provider to Defence & Security, Aid & Emergency and Commercial organisations of secure voice, data and satellite communications in locations with limited or compromised infrastructure. Using a number of satellite service providers for small, lightweight, very portable applications and VSAT in relatively static, higher bandwidth, applications, the service is supported by a 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). The centre provides monitoring, helpdesk support and fault resolution to deployed assets, delivering secure and reliable voice and data telecommunications. For more news and information please visit